Current Log Home Trends & Up-To-Date News About Building Log Homes

by Joshua

builders and GCs

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building-a-log-home-photo-by-etykwins.jpg With so many changes, updates, and new innovations available to those who are building or living in log homes these days, it’s important (and fun!) to know what the current log home trends are.

The Log Home Industry Expert stays on top of all the latest news and information regarding log homes, like:

  • Why would anyone build a log home right now?
  • Best land buying tips for future log home owners
  • Real life log home stories

It’s a great resource for learning what is hot and new in log home designs and building trends. It’s like an inside track on the things that  make log home living so great!

The Log Home Industry Expert is maintained by Jim Young, who is the president of PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes, a leading company in the log home industry.