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My Dream Home Idea Notebook goes everywhere I go! It has all the must-haves for our new house (measurements, colors, photos). Easy Dream House idea file tips

Here's how to incorporate feng shui in the rooms of your home.

Here are some tips for staying organized and saving time when your log cabin is your home away from home.

Are you in the process of building a log home?Or maybe you recently built or moved into a log cabin and would be interested in sharing some unique or interesting stories about your log home experiences......

The 2007 Log and Timber Home Workbook is a great manual to prepare you for building a log or timber frame home. It's FREE.

Phase II of the Idea Notebook has definitely made the process of designing and decorating our log home even easier: One notebook just for DESIGN ideas that have to be determined early in the process... structural details that a contractor would need to know. And one notebook just for DECORATING ideas that can still be fine-tuned along the way... up until the final moment that we purchase each item.

Here are the steps we went through when looking for a home designer to draw up the blueprints for our custom log home. There are also some recommendations here if you're looking for home designers in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Some tips for deciding on the right log home floorplan for you... based on your family's wants and needs, as well as how your family plans to utilize the spaces within your home.

These online quizzes are fun... and informative! Really. See what your home and your personal space say about you, as a person. And how much of your individual personality goes into your decorating, organizing, and living spaces.