What Is Your Home Style?

by Lynnette

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I don’t usually do online tests & quizzes, but this one struck a chord because it had to do with home building and decorating.

welcome-mat-sm.jpgSince that’s where I am right now — smack dab in the middle of building my dream home and picking out all of the interior decorations — I wanted to see how “accurate” an online quiz like this could be.

This one’s called “What Does Your Home Style Say About You?” and it’s by the folks at iVillage.

I encourage you to try it. It’s fun… and informative. Really!

My Home Style

In case you’re wondering, my results at the end of this 10 question quiz revealed that my personal home style is: Individualist:

You don’t fit into any one mold of decorative tastes — you’re more concerned about finding just the right piece that really speaks to you instead of buying the whole matching set. With a carefully crafted collection of treasured items — mementos picked up on your travels or unique pieces that strike a sentimental chord — you are deliberate in your selections (as opposed to the Adventurer, who buys on a whim). The same way Cameron Diaz can combine vintage and Prada, you take elements from all over and use them to create a look that’s all your own.

You do need to be careful that you don’t get too overwhelmed with things. A good way to keep your knickknacks but avoid having them take over your home is to go through them, choose your favorites, and put the rest in storage for a while. You can rotate them seasonally (pulling the quilts out in the fall, vintage planters in the spring) or just whenever you need to mix things up. Just make sure that any item that doesn’t touch your soul in some way, you give away. There are lots of other collectors out there who would love to give it a home for a while.”

Yep, that’s dead-on how I think, and how I like to decorate.

See what your home style is…

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What Does Your Desk Say About You?

According to the results, my desk says that I am “a whirlwind woman”:

You’re an impulsive, creative person who tackles everything with hands-on enthusiasm — whether it’s your latest project at work or whipping up dinner on the spur of the moment. Your desk demonstrates that energy, which is why sometimes it looks like a tornado hit it. It may not exactly be chaos, but your filing “system” probably has a creative flair (just like your personality).

You pride yourself on your individuality and a stimulating environment is important to you. That may mean a work space that’s attractively decorated or simply one that’s in the middle of the action. You enjoy interacting with others throughout the day, even if you work from home and are happy to chat with colleagues or kids when they are around. Your social nature and high energy can be a magnet for others. Just make sure you don’t let these interactions dominate your day.

Since your work space reflects your creative side, it may already be bringing you good things in life. If you keep a plant, no doubt it’s healthy, and as a result it’s creating good energy according to the principles of feng shui, the Chinese discipline that teaches us how to attract and enhance our life energy (called chi) according to how our living spaces are arranged. Pleasant lighting is indicative of your aesthetic nature, and it increases focus and clarity. And if you don’t already use vibrant tones such as red, purple and blue, consider adding them to increase your chances of financial prosperity.

Keep in mind as well that sometimes your tendency to indulge your creative side can hamper you in other ways. Your work space may practically take on a life of its own, and the clutter can be “a visual, physical and psychological deterrent to true productivity,” says professional organizer Judith A. Kirk of Organizing Resources. Clearing up your desk from time to time will not only give you a greater sense of control over your projects, it will also help the chi of your area. Leaving space free allows room for promotions and other opportunities to enter your business life.”

…They hit the nail on the head — again!