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My Dream Home Idea Notebook goes everywhere I go! It has all the must-haves for our new house (measurements, colors, photos). Easy Dream House idea file tips

Each bi-monthly issue of Creative Ideas from Lowe's is jam-packed with lots of fun ideas for your home. Most of them are easy enough that you can even do them yourself. And there are close to 40 full-color pages in each issue of this magazine! They also have 2 other freebie magazines to choose from. Here are the details...

It's hard for me NOT to re-subscribe to the 3 log home magazines I've been subscribing to. I mean, we got so much great info from them during that first year of the subscription. But now, we're craving more than these magazines seem willing to provide. If you're contemplating resubscribing to a log home magazine, I'm here to tell you, you may want to check out This Old House magazine instead. Especially if you're already living in your log home... chances are, the log home magazines won't have much to offer you at all.

I wrote earlier about how you can get a free 1-year subscription to Log Home Living magazine. I've already received mine, and I enjoy that magazine VERY much. Good news... now, you can get a free subscription to Log Homes Illustrated, too! Here's how.

Sign up to receive a FREE one-year subscription to Log Home Living Magazine here.

Details about how you can buy a log cabin from Pioneer Log Cabins and you get a free Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

If, like me, you enjoy flipping through old home design & decorating magazines -- even some women's magazines -- for their wealth of ideas, as well as time- and money-saving facts... then listen up!

Here's a complete list of magazines that would be of interest to log home and timber frame home builders. Which one should you choose to subscribe to? Here's my opinion...

How we designed our log home: We started with a list of things we WANTED... added the features we NEEDED... then compiled the Ultimate Dream Home Wish List!