All These Delays & Changes May Actually Be A GOOD Thing…

My motto has always been: Change Is Good. But never has that seemed more true than now. You see, it's been about 2 years since we started the process of building our log home. We had the land picked out, the bank picked out, the GC picked out, the builder picked out, the logs picked out, the floorplan designed the way we wanted it, and we even started clearing the land. Then why isn't our log home done yet? Why haven't we even raised the first log yet? We've been forced into a slight holding … [Read more...]

The Exterior Doors We Chose For Our Log Home

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As I mentioned earlier, we recently picked out the 7 exterior doors we will be installing in our new log home. Now I'll share the details of the doors we picked out, in case anyone's interested.   Exterior Door Locations First, the locations where these doors will be placed: 1 Front entry door 1 Rear door (kitchen to porch) 1 Rear door (master bathroom to porch) 1 Door next to the garage doors 3 French sliding doors (walk-out basement & upstairs office … [Read more...]

See How We Incorporated The Craftsman / Arts & Crafts Style Into Our Log Home Bungalow

A Craftsman style log home?... Yep, our "bungalow" will be of the Arts & Crafts variety. Much like the very first Craftsman-style log home built back in 1918. Arts & Crafts was an artistic and philosophical movement that began in 19th century Britain. Craftsman refers to a specific style of early 20th century American architecture that was part of the Arts & Crafts Movement. So Craftsman is actually a subset of Arts & Crafts." Source … [Read more...]

History And Examples Of Craftsman / Arts & Crafts Style Log Homes

I find it interesting that one of the first homes designed in the Arts & Crafts / Craftsman style was a log home built in 1918. And, that Craftsman style log home is still standing in a town near me -- Murfreesboro, Tennessee. According to David Jutkins: Gustav Stickley first publicized Craftsman plans and designs in his magazine The Craftsman in 1901. In 1904 he started to show Craftsman-designed homes and floor plans, and in 1905 he first applied the word "bungalow" to the Craftsman style of … [Read more...]