History And Examples Of Craftsman / Arts & Crafts Style Log Homes

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I find it interesting that one of the first homes designed in the Arts & Crafts / Craftsman style was a log home built in 1918. And, that Craftsman style log home is still standing in a town near me — Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

According to David Jutkins:

Gustav Stickley first publicized Craftsman plans and designs in his magazine The Craftsman in 1901. In 1904 he started to show Craftsman-designed homes and floor plans, and in 1905 he first applied the word “bungalow” to the Craftsman style of home.

Although the magazine ceased publication in 1916, its influence continued to inspire house designs among Americans until the 1930s.

Enter Clark Woodard, an instructor of industrial arts at Middle Tennessee State College, who built his log bungalow in 1918 using Stickley’s Craftsman style design ideas.

View Stickley’s Craftsman style home plans, compared to Woodard’s Craftsman style log home plans.

Jutkins also adds, “Stucco, stones, and unpainted wood became favorite exterior materials for these homes, because they were inexpensive, functional, and required low maintenance.”

Sounds like the Craftsman style and log home living complement each other well!


Craftsman Style Log Homes

The “bungalow” style of log home is gaining popularity lately.

More log home owners are choosing to design and/or decorate their homes in the Arts & Crafts or Craftsman style.

Here are some photos of log homes that include Craftsman / Arts & Crafts Style features:


#1  The Halford Home by Hearthstone Homes is a Craftsman style hybrid timber frame home that was featured in Timber Home Living Magazine, June/July 2005.

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#2 – PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes has 6 different Craftsman style log homes to choose from, including this Wood River floorplan.

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#3  Heritage Log & Timber Homes has a number of Craftsman style log homes to choose from, including this Craftsman bungalow style home.

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#4 – Check out this Craftsman style log home in Pennsylvania that was built by Hearthstone Log & Timber Frame Homes.

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#5 – At Bet’r Bilt Log Castles they combine wood, stucco, stone and glass with old world style architecture to create one-of-a-kind Craftsman style log homes that they call “log castles” — like this one called the Baker Castle.

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More About Craftsman Style Log Homes

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