Fun Log Home Stuff

Blog Cabin: Watch It On DIY Network Thursdays at 9PM ET

Follow along on TV… Watch as they build the log cabin right before your eyes each week and incorporate each of the features that people like you & me have suggested for this one-of-a-kind log home. Check here to see if you have the DIY Network in your area.

FREE Log Cabin To Good Owner

Yep, you could have your very own log home… for FREE. But you have to act fast. This log home in Eldersburg, Maryland has to be moved or dismantled by October 23, 2007. Details here…

2008 Log & Timber Frame Expo Preview

Breaking news!… Here is the 2008 schedule for Log & Timber Frame Expos in the U.S. as well as the schedule for the rest of 2007. Locations for 2008 include: Atlanta,GA; Sacramento, CA; Charlotte, NC; Springfield, MA; Fredericksburg, VA; Indianapolis, IN; Portland, OR; and Branson, MO.

Cookin’ For A Cure: A Cookbook Produced By The Log Homes Council

Check out this one-of-a-kind cookbook that’s filled with recipes that were created and tested in the kitchens of log home companies that are members of the Log Homes Council. All proceeds go to the National Cancer Awareness Foundation. Or, enter to win one for FREE here!…

Amazing Log Homes On HGTV Special

HGTV is running a special about log homes. It’s called ‘Amazing Log Homes’ and it will air on April 29, April 30, and May 6, 2007.

World’s First RV Was Made of Logs?

The world’s first RV — built in 1914 — was actually made from a single redwood tree! As a result, they called the vehicle ‘the Travel Log’. Read the interesting story about this RV built from the log of a redwood tree.

How To Fill Nail Holes In Wood… And Log Walls

Blemishes and nail holes in wood trim and log walls are two things that most log home owners are going to want to ‘hide’ at some point — especially if you’re trying to sell your log cabin or log home.