FREE Log Cabin To Good Owner

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I couldn’t resist. Just had to share…

Due to new zoning regulations in Carroll County (Eldersburg, Maryland), Esther and Tony Matulonis, the owners of a historic Chestnut log home built circa 1840, are faced with having to part with their beloved log cabin home.

They have until Oct. 23 to move the old farmhouse or dismantle it.

The unusual part: They are willing to part with it for free!

According to, a Maryland community online newspaper:

They are giving away the home, 1620 Pine Knob Road, that was built circa 1840 as long as someone can pay to dismantle it and take it with them.”

The family is willing to hold a refundable security deposit to ensure that the whole house is moved and all debris removed (which is a stipulation according to the County codes). They estimate it would cost about $40,000 for someone to dismantle the house.

Also from the article:

  • The logs inside are chestnut that were taken from trees surrounding the property. The chestnut dates prior to when worms ravaged chestnut trees.
  • In the kitchen, a brick fireplace is intact for cooking.
  • The floor joists seen in the basement are flattened tree trunks that were on the land at the time.