Home Decorating & Remodeling Tip: How To Get The Look You Want

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When it comes to finding good help when building or remodeling your home, there’s a fine line between getting a quality result and being able to afford the type of result you’re after.

I heard a designer on TV (who had just “flipped” a house, I think it was on HGTV) say something like this:

I have a theory about those 3 little words ‘Good’, ‘Fast’ and ‘Cheap’. It is impossible to use those three words together on a remodeling/redecorating project.

Her point was:

  • You can find help that’s good and cheap, but it won’t be done fast.
  • You can find fast and cheap help, but it won’t be good.
  • You can find help that’s good and fast, but it won’t be cheap.

Point well taken.