Digging A Well: What You Need To Know

Little known facts about wells and water usage. Here’s everything we’ve learned about digging a well, including proposed costs to dig a well in Williamson County, Tennessee.

How To Track Your Expenses & Plan A Budget

After Jim dismissed the old-fashioned ‘manual’ way of creating a budget — by writing figures on forms — I went on the hunt for something along the lines of an Excel spreadsheet that could be used to track quotes, estimates, expenses and bids from contractors. I found it!

Budgeting The Details Of Your New Home

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about building & financing a log home… it’s the fact that it gets a little scary when you start to consider all of the ‘unknowns’. This might help…

Log Home Lenders… A Few Things We Learned

We learned quickly that getting a loan for a log home is quite different than getting a loan for a traditional ‘stick-built’ home. Odds are, even if you qualify for a traditional home mortgage, you might not qualify right away for a loan to build a log home. When we were trying to obtain a loan to build our log home, these are the banks and mortgage lenders that we personally approached for a construction loan, and highlights from our experiences with each of them.