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Log homes make a perfect setting for rustic Christmas decorations. Be sure you follow some of these tips when deciding which types of Christmas decorations may look best in a log home.

Jim and I are both eager to decorate our new log home with very simple -- and very rustic -- holiday decorations next year. The plan is to start simple. Keep it rustic. Not 'country' just rustic... lots of rusted metal... rough edges... wrought iron... tin... you get the idea.

There's just something about the warm glow of lights -- like candles & holiday lights -- as they shine against the backdrop of a log home that gives me the warm fuzzies. It takes me back to the day of Ma & Pa Ingalls -- when life was different.Plus, I've always been more fond of natural light than harsh bright lights inside the home. Enjoy these simple photos of log homes decorated for the holidays...

The holiday decorations inside our log home are pretty 'neutral' in color. For that reason, I may be displaying some colorful ornaments in bowls (like fruit!) this Christmas!

Here are my favorite rustic ornaments for Christmas trees...