Color Options: Tips For Painting Or Staining Interior Log Walls Or The Exterior Of Your Log Home


I love idea of painting log walls. I really like color and am not afraid of putting it anywhere. I have seen several log home companies displaying homes that have a painted exterior color. For example, the pale green home with white trim that is pictured here is from Heritage Log Homes. Beautiful, don't you think? If you're thinking about painting interior log walls or the exterior of your log home, there are a few things to consider first...   … [Read more...]

The Best Way To Store Leftover Paint

When we moved into our current home 6 years ago, we stored our leftover interior house paint in the garage.Now it's dried up and has to be thrown out.I'm not sure that I actually expected it to last 6 years, but the guy at the Benjamin Moore paint store today didn't seem too surprised to think it could last that long. For real.He offered this tip to prolong the life of your paint:When you're done painting, place a piece of Saran Wrap over the opened paint can. Then, hammer the paint can lid on … [Read more...]

Exterior Doors: Should You Buy Paint Grade Or Stain Grade Doors?

Well here's something I just learned... Reasons to buy paint-grade exterior doors versus stain-grade exterior doors.   We recently picked out the exterior doors for our log home. I ended up exploring a dozen or so manufacturers and distributors for exterior doors -- including locations in Georgia and Tennessee. I was on the hunt for 7 exterior doors.   … [Read more...]

MoistureShield vs ChoiceDek vs TimberTech Composite Decks


I have thoroughly studied 2 different composite decking manufacturers at this point: Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (AERT) -- maker of ChoiceDek and MoistureShield composite decking Crane Plastics -- maker of TimberTech composite decking This, as part of my quest to determine whether composite decks make sense or not for our new log home. What follows are the biggest differences between ChoiceDek (also sold as MoistureShield) and Timber Tech. Those are the brands I … [Read more...]

Painting Full Log Walls Inside…The Effect Painted Logs Might Have on the Resale of Your Log Home


We are actually toying with a couple of "non-traditional" ideas when it comes to color choices for both the outside and inside of our log home. I'll talk more about our exterior color choices later... For now, let's focus on some of the color ideas that we are considering for one or two of our full-log walls inside. What follows are some of the interior color choices we're thinking about... and why we've kind of had a change of heart after considering resale values. … [Read more...]

Choose Paint Colors For Your Rooms With These FREE Online Color Tools


Looking for some colors for the walls inside your home? Now you can experiment with color on your walls, trim, ceilings and accents before even picking up a paintbrush! Check out these online paint & color tools... Each of the following personalized color choosers are ranked according to my personal preferences, based on ease of use and variety of options. Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

How To Fill Nail Holes In Wood… And Log Walls

Blemishes and nail holes in wood trim and log walls are 2 things that most log home owners are going to want to "hide" at some point -- especially if you're trying to sell your log cabin. This question actually came to me via e-mail today. Melissa wrote: I am going to be selling my log home soon and of course I want it to look nice, however I have holes in the walls from moving towel racks etc and I am wondering what is the best way to fill these in so it blends best with the wall?" The … [Read more...]

Which Log Is Best?… Genesis Logs vs D Logs

When we first started designing our log home with Honest Abe Log Homes (about a year ago), Jim and I both gravitated toward the D-Log for some reason. So naturally, we've been thinking all along that our log home would be built with D-Logs, right? Well, fast-forward one year, and now we're considering a switch to Genesis Logs! See why below... plus a listing of some of the differences between Genesis Logs and D-Logs. … [Read more...]