Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railing

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No, this isn't Malcolm... this is Steve... the Rocky Top raccoon! We met Malcolm Stewart of Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railing when we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the Log Home and Timber Frame Show. The company’s main warehouse is in Byantsville, Kentucky, but this location in Tennessee (1152 Wears Valley Road/865-774-7662) is their only public showroom.

Rocky Top was scheduled to be at the Log Home Show, but they’re currently working on an upcoming episode of Extreme Home Makeover (they’re “regulars” on the show now!), so they weren’t able to be there. Fortunately for us, Malcolm was in the showroom the day of the Log Home Show and he gave us a personal tour around the place.

Our favorite things from Rocky Top Log Furniture

On this particular day, I wanted to order one of each…

100% Smooth Porch Swings.
I tested out both the Blue Ridge Line and the Garden Line, and the Garden Line wins hands down. While both were perfectly steady, perfectly balanced, and perfectly smooth, I liked the wider planks on the seat (a big deal) and the curved back along the seat (more for looks than anything) of the Garden Line. I’m guessing we’d choose the “swing only” version for the porch on our log home, but there wasn’t one of those on site for me to “test drive”. I presume it would swing similarly and just as smoothly.

To determine how much space would be needed to accommodate the Garden Line porch swing, we measured. It looks like 8 ft x 8 ft of porch space would give you enough clearance for the “swing and frame set”.

The Blue Ridge line of porch swings sold at Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railing. The Garden line of porch swings sold by Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railing.

A look inside the 2-shelf wardrober... notice the hanging rack. Signature 2-Drawer Wardrober.
Malcolm told us that this particular wardrober was designed by Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railings specifically for Walt Disney World. They had requested a compact dresser /slash/ closet space that wouldn’t take up much room in their grande hotel rooms. I can see why this one fits the bill!

I fell in love with this wardrober — especially for a guest bedroom, or a child’s room.

A look at the Disney wardrober when the drawers and door are closed. Bonus tip for the dog lovers out there… If you’re a dog owner who buys tons and tons of “doggie clothing” for your beloved four-legged friend (…you know who you are), THIS would make the perfect doggie wardrober! There’s plenty of space to store stuff in drawers and a place to hang those items which need to be hung. And everything’s hidden away behind solid doors. Plus, it’s not too big… and it’s not too small. It’s just right! Just a thought…

Low-Profile Rockers.
Their Blue Ridge line of rockers don’t have what I call the “kick bar”. You know, that brace down by your feet that prevents you from swinging your feet all the way back under the chair. So instead, you hit the bar that’s there, and you wince in pain every time you’re reminded that it’s there.

I rocked til my heart’s content in one of these while Jim and Malcolm discussed everything from taxidermy to staining furniture. My summary: a rock around the clock in a low-profile rocking chair like this gets 2 thumbs WAY up from me!

Finished vs Unfinished furniture... On the left is a Rocky Top bar stool that has been finished with a clear coat. T the bench on the right - also from Rocky Top - has not received a top coat. It is unfinished.

Chaise Lounge Chairs.
A two-seater chaise lounge chair with umbrella from the Rocky Top Log Furniture Company. Now we didn’t see these in the showroom, but they definitely look like fun! I especially like the 2-seater… cuz whenever Jim’s not around, I’m sure that either Destin or Tenor would enjoy spending some time lounging around outdoors with me. (Wait, but then they would be called “bark-a-loungers”, right?)

Check it out… you can even get an umbrella for the Double Chaise Lounge?! I think this would be a charming addition to any log home deck or patio.

Rocky Top’s Unique Style

Overall, Rocky Top Log Furniture is a little too “perfect” for our taste. Not that that’s a fault… it’s more like a preference. Many many people prefer the clean lines and the perfectly smooth edges in their log home furniture. We’re looking for more “rough around the edges” and “some wear & tear” that gives the illusion that they’ve stood the test of time.

While we probably won’t be furnishing our whole house in the Rocky Top style, we are seriously considering including 1 or 2 items in specific places inside our log home.