Lonesome Cottage Furniture Company

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A log framed mirror from Lonesome Cottage Log Furniture Company. The first time we saw Lonesome Cottage furniture in person was the weekend of the Pigeon Forge Log Home and Timber Frame Show.

They are aggressive salesmen… I’ll give ’em that! The guys who were at the Log Home Show were adept at thinking of everything we hadn’t thought of, and they showed us every way possible to incorporate their furniture into our life. Overall, we appreciated that they were also very knowledgeable and helpful at the same time.

FYI, the wood used for Lonesome Cottage furniture is Northern White Cedar. The company is based out of Minnesota.

What We Liked Best About Lonesome Cottage Furniture

The drawers in their dressers and desks pull out all the way! Never again will you have to duck down low and reach way in the back to find what’s hiding in the back of your pull-out drawers!

And the drawers truly do glide smoother than I’ve ever seen a drawer open before.

“Drawers open and close easily with self closing roller slides rated at 100lbs.”

They apply a very thick coating of “catalyzed lacquer clear coat” to all of their log furniture (unless you request “unfinished”). This makes the wood nearly impermeable by any substance and unchippable by any object — best I could tell. The look of this thick lacquer may be too much for some people (at first it was by me, but it really started to grow on me in just the short time we were at their booth).

All of their log furniture is constructed “with an unfinished flat back” so it can rest right up close to the wall. Finished backs are available upon request.

Custom is their game. You want it, they’ll build it — to whatever specs you provide. They’re very skilled craftsmen, and their finished work will be admired for years.

All of the hinges in their furniture (legs, braces, joints) are concealed, so it truly looks seamless… like one solid piece of log that’s been carved into a functional shape to be used as furniture.

The Furniture We Liked Best At Lonesome Cottage

Bar Stools.
These were very substantial pieces of furniture. They were well-built and appeared perfectly balanced and sturdy on the floor. Plus the swivel rotation was very smooth. My favorite part: the seat itself was wider than normal.

log-stools.jpg log-barstools.jpg log-tree-bar-stool.jpg

Daybeds and Futons.
Something about their daybeds and futons looked more comfortable and cozy than others we’ve seen. Must’ve had something to do with the mattress that’s included.

Pool Table.
The star of the show on this day was this pool table. Every single thing about it was to die for! It was truly a class act, and those with even the most discriminating of tastes would be hard-pressed to find something not to like about this all-wood pool table.

This pool table would be perfect inside a log home! A pool table made entirely out of wood!

Without a doubt, their selection of desks online doesn’t do justice to all that they can in terms of office furniture. Again, they’ll custom-build whatever you need, but they also had several different work desks on hand at the show.

Unique Wood Accessories.
A log cell phone holder! I’d say one of the things that’s stuck in my mind the longest after the show is the Lonesome Cottage collection of log home accessories! Everything from a toilet paper holder to a paper towel holder… a towel bar, business card holder, and more.

When I saw this “brochure holder”, I flashed back to that orange cushy cellphone holder from Cingular… and I thought, ‘What would make a better cell phone holder for the log home owner than this nifty little wood accessory?!?!’

And Let’s Not Forget The Dogs…
Here’s a one-of-a-kind log dog bed!

A log dog bed.