Lakefront Living In Tennessee

Looking for lake property in Tennessee? Did you know that lake FRONT doesn’t necessarily mean lake ACCESS in Tennessee? The thick perimeter of land surrounding every major waterway in this state is technically owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the Tennessee Valley Authority. As a result, they dictate what you can and cannot do on that piece of property between your house and the lake.

Exploring Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley Some More

We still have so many questions about living in the Dover area. The prices for the land seems quite reasonable — for waterfront no less! But the only ‘odd’ thing is that waterfront doesn’t necessarily mean water access.

Our First Trip To See Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake Properties

We had so much fun just riding around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. While Dover is a really small town (it’s also the county seat), it’s fairly quaint and clean and quiet. At least that’s how it seemed to us — our first impression.

Which Lake Should We Build Our House On?

We’ve decided to open up our search to include West Tennessee and East Tennessee — in addition to right here in Middle Tennessee. Actually, we’re looking wherever the biggest, nicest lakes are. Here are all the lakes in Tennessee that we are exploring…