Our First Trip To See Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake Properties

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Welcome to Lake Barkley... in Dover, Tennessee! While Jim was out of town (again) this past weekend, I spent a good deal of time looking for properties for sale on Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake.

I e-mailed Jim the details of several of the properties, and we both became so excited by all the possibilities that we decided to take our first trip to Dover, TN right away!

The first thing you see when you reach downtown Dover, TN... the Stewart County Courthouse. Don't you just  love the life-size green army men? So yesterday I took the day off work and we made our very first trip to Dover, TennesseeStewart County… the Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake area. (We wanted it to be a weekday, when the local offices would be open so we could actually talk to people about the area.

All I can say is… WOW!

We had so much fun just riding around. And while Dover is a really small town (it’s also the county seat), it’s fairly quaint and clean and quiet.

At least that’s how it seemed to us — our first impression.

We only managed to visit a handful of the properties from our list.

It takes a fair bit of time to find your way around. Plus, many of the country roads are not marked. So when you don’t know your way around, you end up doing more “exploring” than actual “property viewing”.

It was still fun though.

Pictures of some of the properties…

This was the Eagle’s Rest development on Lake Barkley. It was so close to the Kentucky line, that the majority of lots in this subdivision were actually in Kentucky. (We wanted to stay in Tennessee.)

A home under construction at Eagle's Rest near Dover, Tennessee.Most of lots here were waterfront. But only a few of them were dockable because it was just to close to the channel where huge barges travel these waters!This is what it looks like once you get past the tree line... lots of deep water! I guess these are 'the white bluffs of Dover'.

While we were actually looking for land to build on… we couldn’t resist having a look inside this adorable little house on the lake! We called the realtor, and she met us out there to show us around. This waterfront home was on Kentucky Lake in the Leatherwood Resort – Dover, TN.

There were so many interesting parts to this house... the windows, the balconies, the storage shed, the 3-car garage -- complete with workshop, gameroom & party bar!Not to mention the fabulous waterfront view AND water access! It was the most amazing thing to realize you could have this much water, and your own dock -- right out your back door!The back of the house was just as adorable as the front! This home also happened to have many features that are typically found in log homes.

Suffice it to say, we’re definitely going back this weekend!