Exploring Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley Some More

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We spent this past weekend in Dover, TN again…

The first day (Saturday), we found our way to about half of the properties on our list. There were two lots that we were especially fond of.

Overall, we were so excited by all the possibilities & areas we didn’t have a chance to explore, that we decided to ride back out there (2 hours) the very next day too!

On Sunday, we were able to visit a bunch more properties and cross many of them off our list.

Pictures of properties in Dover, TN

This was a piece of property on Timbertops Drive in Dover, TN. It was quite attractive from the front… right across the street from an existing log home… another log home two doors down… just a short walk to the water from the back yard… so we thought.

This was actually more acres than we needed. AND it was priced right. We quickly discovered the reason...This is the swampy backyard!If ever there were swampland in Tennessee... we found it! The fact of the matter is Lake Barkley meets the property line at a part where the water is pretty much inaccessible.Lake Barkley actually gets quite shallow in the winter months, so much of the deep water you see here, goes away. That was a huge bummer too...

This one was much harder to photograph, but it was the only one we truly considered buying in Dover, TN. It’s on White Oak Road …near the Long Creek Boat Ramp & Park. There’s a TON of potential with this place! We also met the neighbors. For awhile, we were sure this would be the site of our next home.

This is the neighbor's very rustic and peaceful backyard. We could imagine ours being similar.This property also had some swampiness about it -- the closer to the water you got. But it still had a ton of character and potential!Jim: 'I can see the water... it's over here.'Another fine example of a beautiful water VIEW, but hardly any water ACCESS. Mostly because you're prevented from cutting down any trees on the water line that's owned by the Corps of Engineers.

Still Plenty More To See & Do Here

Well, we’ve seen a bunch, but still have a lot more to explore before we decide if Dover, TN is for us. We still have a lot of questions about the area. The prices for the land seems quite reasonable — for waterfront no less! The only “odd” thing is that waterfront doesn’t necessarily mean water access in most parts of Dover.

We’re told that Lake Barkley gets fairly shallow in the winter months, so most of the homes on the lake there lose a good portion of their actual waterfront/water access. For that reason (and others I’m sure) homeowners aren’t allowed to dock boats, build decks, or even park their boats more than 24 hours along the shoreline near most of the waterfront homes on Lake Barkely.

I guess it makes sense, but it sure would be hard for me to have waterfront property and not be able to “use” it — other than to just admire the view or dog-paddle around in it on occasion.


We’re planning to go back very soon to meet with the realtors at the two we’re most interested in (pictured above).