More Photos of Homes & Property in Dover Tennessee

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In a matter of a few short days, we’ve actually made several trips to Dover, Tennessee!

Here are highlights from a couple of them:

The most interesting part about the whole Dover, Tennessee property search thing… is the unusual series of events that took place.

And why we eventually decided NOT to build in Stewart County, Tennessee period.

Here are the highlights…

Pictures From A Few More Properties We Considered

This one was a beautiful piece of property that was way out in the boondocks… past Bumpus Mills, TN. It was actually a wrong turn we took that led us down a 5-mile “dirt road” that became a “ditch road” for the last half of the ride! In fact, I wish I’d taken pictures… but I was too scared and bouncing around in my seat too much from the off-road ride. Thank goodness we had our Jeep!

This was the view when we got to the end of the road. An old-rarely used boat ramp and all this woods and water!One of the many boaters we saw enjoying Lake Barkley while we were out here.We later found out that this land was used a lot by the Army Corps of Engineers -- like a private hideaway that only they knew about. Looks like some offroaders have since discovered this beautiful piece of property...

Another piece of property we liked was on Antioch Road near Bumpus Mills, Tennessee. It was off a rocky dirt road as well, but not nearly as rough. At the end of this road, we found more big water and lots of deer!

Everywhere you looked around this place you saw deer. They definitely weren't used to people. It was obvious few people ever ventured this far out into these woods along the water.Here's the water view from this property... lovely.Jim exploring the wooded property... it had a lot of personality.Again... we couldn't escape the swampy waterline. We're told it's simply a fact of life due to the water at Lake Barkley being dam-controlled and few people utilizing the areas closest to the shorelines.

The Little Log Home That Stole Our Heart

Part of what made this little cabin so charming was the neighbors who had recently moved to Dover, TN from Chicago. This was a home that the Corps of Engineers guy had told us about. There was no For Sale sign in the yard. Only a handful of people knew the story behind this almost-complete log home… (Read picture captions.)

Jeff Hancock from the Army Corps of Engineers told us about this cabin on Lake Barkley that was on DEEP water.Since there was no For Sale sign in the yard, the neighbors wondered how we even knew this place was available. They told us about the guy who built it, who died before he had finished it. And now his son was adding the final finishing touches to the place.They had a key, so they let us in to have a look around. At the same time, they were hoping to find the perfect neighbor for themselves!... They had just moved here from Chicago & they were adding their own finishing touches to the home next door which they bought from the guy who built this log home.The log home had a lot of very unique touches... like a variety of different woods on the walls, ceilings, and cabinetry. It didn't look bad... just different.

From the outside, this place was truly adorable. Your basic, simple log cabin home. The problem... inside it had no room for our separate offices and all our stuff!The rear deck was really sweet, too. If you took down a few of the smaller trees, you could see the water better...  including a view of all the barges and boats passing by this part of Lake Barkley!The basement was very large, but unusable. It was just a hollowed out dirt cave... with a big tree stump in it. We wanted a home with a real basement.In the end, we liked the neighbors better than we liked the home itself. These were just the sweetest people you could ever meet... and the fact that they were transplants from Chicago -- like a few of the other neighbors on the street -- made it even more interesting!