Photos & Ideas For Creating Unique Window Art Inside Your Home

Earlier, I gave a few examples of what makes windowsill decor truly "art" and not just "a storage shelf" for placing everyday items. Here's another example of how I intend to display interesting items in unusual ways along the windowsills of our new log home... For starters, I love to incorporate natural rocks and stones into pieces of art and home decor. I've done that for years. Now, taking this idea to the next level, I plan on adding a few simple stones with words of … [Read more...]

I Found Some Uncommon Goods For Log Home Owners!

My newest hobby is finding cool things made of twigs, sticks & logs... to use inside our new log home! While searching for fun "twiggy" looking things that will bring a touch of rustic to an otherwise modern log home, I found the best selection and most unique items were all coming from a store called Uncommon Goods. Here's a sampler of some of their most unique items made from twigs... … [Read more...]

Birdhouses Made From Twigs, Sticks & Branches

I first saw this birdhouse (pictured at right) when browsing through the May 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. See how to build this rustic birdhouse. I thought it was yet another creative use of twigs and sticks that log home owners might enjoy. And I especially like this one because it's very colorful... it's not your typical brown birdhouse. I know that we are planning to build one or two unique little bird houses when we move into our new log house. So I did some … [Read more...]

Treehouses & Hideaway Cabins You Can Build Yourself

Following are the best books with complete instructions for building a treehouse for your kids (...or maybe an escape hideaway for yourself). If you're still in the process of building your new log home, then this might be the perfect thing to do with some of those extra logs, stain and roofing materials! photo from Treehouses & Playhouses You Can Build … [Read more...]