DIY Driftwood Hearts That You Can Make (…Or Buy)

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Ever since I saw this driftwood heart, I’ve been on the hunt for heart-shaped driftwood anytime I’m around water!




It’s a fun challenge…

I’ve actually been on the lookout for uniquely shaped pieces of driftwood for years now.

I even stashed some large pieces in my suitcase and managed to get it through customs after our trip to Aruba!

Those interesting pieces of driftwood now sit on our mantel, among some candles and picture frames.

At the moment, in addition to looking for heart-shaped pieces of driftwood, I’m also looking for pieces of driftwood in the shape of our initials.

To give you a better idea of how driftwood hearts can take on a number of different shapes and be made with various sizes of driftwood, check out these awesome driftwood hearts that were made by hearblackmarket on Etsy.

If you can’t find your own heart-shaped driftwood where you live, she would be happy to make one for you!