I Found Some Uncommon Goods For Log Home Owners!

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joy-words-made-from-sticks-and-twigs.jpg My newest hobby is finding cool things made of twigs, sticks & logs… to use inside our new log home!

While searching for fun “twiggy” looking things that will bring a touch of rustic to an otherwise modern log home, I found the best selection and most unique items were all coming from a store called Uncommon Goods.

Here’s a sampler of some of their most unique items made from twigs…

To be honest, many of the items made of twigs that I’ve found for sale online seem simple enough to make myself — someday… if I would actually take the time.

But the items from Uncommon Goods are a step above. I don’t think I could even come close to making unique items like theirs.

Here are some of my favorite things made from twigs:
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Cool Centerpieces Made From Twigs

square-centerpiece-made-of-twigs.jpg rectangular-centerpiece-made-of-twigs.jpg

Shelves & Plant Stands Made Of Sticks

3-tier-shelf-made-of-twigs.jpg rectangular-planter-made-of-twigs.jpg

A Bowl Made From Sticks


And, now, for my all-time favorites…

Wall Art From Twigs & Branches


This “Dream” wall hanging is what initially caught my eye at Uncommon Goods. I had seen it in a popular home magazine, hung right above the bed in the master bedroom. It looked great!