Summary: 2 Log Homes For Sale

After meeting with realtors for the first time, and visiting our first two homes for sale, we’ve come to the following conclusions…

A Tour Inside A Log Home With Chinking

This was the first time we walked inside a log home with chinking. It didn’t have quite the warm and cozy feeling like the ‘traditional’ d-link log home we visited the day before, but this home was interesting for many other reasons!

Our First Time Inside A Log Home

Today was the first day we decided to actually visit a couple of homes that are for sale around here. We called & spoke with the realtors who were listed for two of the homes on our list.

Take One… Take Two… Take Twenty-Nine!

We’re getting tired of house-shopping at this point. We haven’t found anything we like and can afford in Williamson County, TN. And it’s just getting frustrating. Here’s where we are now in the process of finding a new home…

Exploring All Our Options

Since land appears to be so hard to find here in Williamson County, we’ve decided — at least temporarily — to consider existing homes as well. We know in our hearts that we really want to build our own…

A Couple of Land Rovers

For over a week now, I’ve rushed home from work most days so that Jim & I could go riding around looking for land here in Williamson County before it gets dark. Yep, we’ve spent most of our evenings…

Our Search For A Place To Call Home

Today we decided to start the process of looking for a new place to call home. I’m not sure how it happened, but when we were out riding around in the Jeep today, we just got this wild idea to start looking for land for sale here in Williamson County.