Towel Hooks & Hangers For Bathroom Towels And Robes

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towel-hangers2.jpg If you’re anything like me, then you tend to get a little hung up on the details sometimes.

But that’s a good thing!

It means the little things that mean so much in the long run won’t get lost in the shuffle, and you’ll be happier in the end with your new log home.

When it comes to bathrooms, have you thought of this one already?…

A place to hang your towels, robes, or a change of clothes

Here are some fun ideas that I happen to like…

I found these pictures in magazines.

I saved them as possible ideas for when it came time to design my own bathroom.

That time is now.

#1 Colorful and fun… especially for kids!
I’m not sure how practical this one is, but it sure looks sweet. I’m thinking the towels would get wet if you’re showering, rather than taking a bath.

But, for a kids’ bathroom, or a master bath with no shower, then it would make a lot of sense to place the towel hangers above the tub like this.

Plus, it offers a nice “pop” of color for the room itself!


#2 and #3 Standard hooks on the wall
This is the most traditional, least imaginative option.

It’s also the easiest to pull off at the last minute, if you haven’t planned ahead of time and built the towel hangers into your bathroom design.

low-towel-hangers.jpg robe-hanging-on-wall.jpg

#4 A multi-purpose shelf with clothing hooks
This is one option that is commonly seen mud rooms and entryways.

But what says you can’t incorporate it into your bathroom design instead? (If your bathroom is large enough, that is.)


#5 Matching ceramic tile hooks
This is the route we plan to take in our master bathroom.

You can’t tell because of the robe hanging on the hook, but the hook itself is made of thick tile — to match the shower itself.

This is perhaps the most “professional” look for a master bathroom. The hook itself is seamless… practically invisible.

The best part: Even if you choose not to hang an item from such hooks, it won’t be obvious. This is the cleanest look for a bathroom, in my opinion.