Kitchen Design & Remodeling: What’s Most Important

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basic-kitchen-layout-design.jpg If you can bring yourself to think outside the box (or in a reverse order than most people who are building homes might think), then you’ll realize that it may be worth your while to see what most people replace first when they’re remodeling their kitchen.


Considering these things on the front-end — before you build — could prevent you from having to make big changes later on down the line.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the Home Improvement Research Institute, here’s what is most often changed during a kitchen remodel:

Countertops 96%

Cabinetry 92%

Plumbing fixtures 87%

Flooring 81%

Appliances 79%

What that means is….

After you’ve lived in a house for awhile, the things you’re likely to tire of most quickly are: the countertops and kitchen cabinets, followed by the plumbing fixtures, then flooring, and eventually you’ll even feel inclined to replace your major appliances.

So in my mind, it may be wisest to spend more on those particular things going in so you won’t have to waste time upgrading or remodeling them later.

And, this list may also be helpful when you’re trying to prioritize your budget. You may want to spend more on the items at the top of the list and be sure to get what you want, whereas you may be a bit more flexible on the quality of things found at the bottom of this list, or those things that fall off the list altogether!