Birdhouses Made From Twigs, Sticks & Branches

birdhouse-made-from-twigs.jpgI first saw this birdhouse (pictured at right) when browsing through the May 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

See how to build this rustic birdhouse.

I thought it was yet another creative use of twigs and sticks that log home owners might enjoy.

And I especially like this one because it’s very colorful… it’s not your typical brown birdhouse.

I know that we are planning to build one or two unique little bird houses when we move into our new log house.

So I did some research and found a number of other cool birdhouses that can be made from sticks and twigs.

Check ’em out…

By the way, I don’t have detailed directions for all of these, but I’ve been using these pictures of birdhouses made from twigs as inspiration for the bird feeders that we eventually plan to build.



A milk carton bird house…

This is your basic birdhouse made of sticks.
Here are the directions to build your own milk carton birdhouse.


A simple twig birdhouse…

This one has a heart cut out of the door at the front perch area. You can buy it here.

a-twig-birdhouse-by-mamas-treasures.jpg a-twig-birdhouse-by-mamas-treasures-back.jpg



A bird house can be any shape and size and made from practically anything!…

Here’s a bird house made using lots and lots of twigs of various shapes and sizes and with a unique topper made of bark.

View the directions for making bird houses out of recycled materials.


A somewhat intricate bird house made of sticks…


This one looks simple enough to build. Just start with a square base — similar to a Kleenex box and preferably made of wood. Then attach the sticks!

Note: Whichever method you choose for building your birdhouse, remember to spray a clear polyurethane on the birdhouse when you’re done. This will make it weather-resistant and able to withstand the elements.

Different species of birds need specially-sized houses constructed to suit their particular needs. Here are suggested birdhouse specs for different birds, as well as some basic birdhouse plans from


Books About Building Birdhouses

birdhouses-you-can-build-in-a-day.jpg enchanting-woodland-birdhouses.JPG


Where To Buy Log Cabin Birdhouses

Don’t have the time or patience to build your own birdhouse from twigs?… Then you can buy one already made!

Lynnette Walczak

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