Designing / Building A Log Home

Budgeting The Details Of Your New Home

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about building & financing a log home… it’s the fact that it gets a little scary when you start to consider all of the ‘unknowns’. This might help…

Log Home Lenders… A Few Things We Learned

We learned quickly that getting a loan for a log home is quite different than getting a loan for a traditional ‘stick-built’ home. Odds are, even if you qualify for a traditional home mortgage, you might not qualify right away for a loan to build a log home. When we were trying to obtain a loan to build our log home, these are the banks and mortgage lenders that we personally approached for a construction loan, and highlights from our experiences with each of them.

Mother Nature: A Log Home’s Best Friend & Worst Enemy

I would venture to guess that those who buy (or build) log homes are typically people who have a greater appreciation for — and involvement with — the outdoors. There’s just something about a rustic cabin-type abode that appeals to outdoorsy people. But did you ever stop to think that Mother Nature is both a log home owner’s friend… and enemy?

Log Home Floor Plans… Search Now!

Use this Online Search Form to search for log home plans. It’s free & easy!… Just choose the style (e.g. log), size, and amenities that you would like in your new home and see all of the house plans that match your selection. Simply browse through the list until you find the floorplan you like best.