Snowy Dale Hollow Lake Property

by Lynnette

Dale Hollow Lake Property, deciding where to build, Tennessee land

When we bought our property on Dale Hollow Lake, we wondered just how much snow would fall in that area during the winter months.

Dale Hollow Lake is a couple hours north of Nashville, and a tad east (it’s fairly close to “the plateau”).

So yesterday morning, we hopped in the car to check out the freshly fallen snow on our property.


Dale Hollow Lake’s Snowy Roads

It was evident that we were the first to traverse these roads on this particular snowy morning…

Fortunately, we had our 4WD Jeep, should any ‘sticky situations’ arise.


Then, there were those spots where the snow had been melted by the morning sun, but what remained was: ‘black ice’…

black-ice-roads-swan-ridge.jpg mix-of-snow-and-ice-on-roads.jpg

A Little Snowy Fun On Our Lakefront Property In The Winter:

jim-making-a-snowball.jpg jim-snowball-on-property.jpg

dale-hollow-lake-snow.jpg snow-at-dale-hollow-lake.jpg

…all told, only an inch of snow fell in northern Middle Tennessee on this particular day.