Carpets Of Dalton & The Designer Dream Home In Georgia

by Lynnette

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carpets-of-dalton-outlet-center.jpgDalton, Georgia (specifically, the Dalton Carpet Outlet facility) makes a great road trip for anyone who is in the process of — or even considering — building or renovating a home.

There’s definitely something for everybody here… no matter what your style or your budget.

“Today Dalton is unrivaled in its production of carpet. Almost 90% of the functional carpet produced world-wide is made within a 25-mile radius of this north Georgia city. Source

Jim and I drove past all of these carpet outlets in Dalton, Georgia on our way to South Carolina a few months ago. Thank goodness we did a U-Turn and actually went into the biggest one called Carpets of Dalton. Otherwise, I probably never would have learned about this great place!

We must’ve spent 2 hours in there …just looking around. It was almost overwhelming, there was so much to take in. (Think: Disney World for home owners!) While we were there, we took a lot of notes, and we decided that we would definitely make a return visit when we had more time.

Here’s why I love Carpets of Dalton and the Designer Dream Home…


Carpets Of Dalton & Designer Dream Home

The carpet outlet itself actually features 4 different major interior stores — side by side — for a total of 750,000 square feet of showroom!

This means you have a wide selection of flooring, furniture, and home products right at your fingertips:

  • CARPETS OF DALTON opened in 1972, and today they are the premier source for carpet, rugs, wood, tile, laminate, and vinyl.
  • At the WORLD OF OUTDOOR LIVING, you’ll find endless possibilities to accent your landscape and outdoor areas. For example, you’ll find calming fountains, beautiful gardens and illuminated pathways that invite you to the outdoors, as well as furniture and accessories for your patio, deck, or porch.
  • BUY THE ROOM is loaded with various styles, types, and colors of beautifully upholstered furniture, lamps and a multitude of other accessories for your home.
  • The AMERICAN HOME SHOWCASE is a 250,000-square-foot showroom filled with major furniture brands, as well as lots of accessories, cabinets, kitchen and bath, home theater, lighting, appliances, and electronics. Oh, and there’s a 2-story house (the DESIGNER DREAM HOME) that’s fully decorated inside!

I love ’em all, but 2 are worthy of special praise:


Carpets of Dalton is a great place to visit for 2 reasons:

#1  If you know what you want (i.e. wide plank wood flooring, a tiled shower, carpet, vinyl, etc.), then you will surely find it here.

Their selection is to die for! In fact, they are the largest single location flooring retailer in the United States, and they carry all of the major carpet manufacturer brands at the most competitive carpet prices available.

#2  If you need some help designing and/or choosing colors & materials, then Carpets of Dalton is where you want to be. They are the ultimate Interior Design Center!

Their designers are on hand in the showrooms to assist you on the spot. Or, you can also schedule a private design consultation with their experts.

The same designers who designed the Dream Home [see below] using products from our store, are available for design and consultation, whether in-store or at your home. These services are complimentary, if you make a purchase, or are available at an hourly rate and can include consultation, design, and supervision of installation. Source


Designer Dream Home: A Homeowner’s Playground

The much talked about Designer Dream Home is located inside the Carpets of Dalton American Home Showplace.

It’s a full-scale 2-story brick house, and each room has been designed to the hilt!

The 3,568-square-foot Southern Living magazine “Dream Home” and fully landscaped exterior sits on a half-acre indoor site within the 300,000-square-foot home furnishings store. —Source

You can’t even begin to imagine all of the unique touches that make this home truly one-of-a-kind. And, to top it all off, there is a printout in each room showing the names of the products used, their manufacturers, prices, and contact information.

Step one foot inside this amazing house, and your mind will become flooded with ideas for your own home! It’s a place where all of your hopes & dreams for designing the rooms inside your house will begin to come to life.

When we visited, we saw Designer Dream Home 2006. We specifically made notes about the following:

  1. The tile used in the kitchen (flooring & backsplash)
  2. The “networking closet” inside the media room (a secret place to stash all your clunky electronics)
  3. The pantry room (with built-in shelving units and a unique design scheme)

Also, one of the most interesting things to me is the fact that they completely redecorate the interior of that home every single year. What’s more… those very same designers are available to you for in-store or at-home consultations!

Check out the story behind the story… how the Designer Dream Home came to be. (Hint: It stemmed from a tragedy.)


Location, Hours & Directions

Carpets of Dalton and the Designer Dream House are located at 3010 North Dug Gap Road in Dalton, Georgia.

Open 7 days a week …and admission is FREE! For more info, phone 706-277-3132 or 800-262-3132

One thing’s for sure, even if you live far away, it’s definitely worth the drive to visit Carpets of Dalton and the Designer Dream Home.

Here are directions to Carpets of Dalton and the adjoining Designer Dream House.


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