Rustic Log Home Lighting Bargains

by Shelley

lighting fixtures

rustic-log-home-lighting.jpg Your log walls will absorb 50% of the light in your log home, so you will need to be especially diligent in selecting and placing the lighting in your log home.

Here are some great lighting ideas that won’t break the bank but will light up and showcase the beauty of your log home!

For starters, this article from Log Home Design can help you with the “formula” for lighting your log home.

They suggest combining ambient and task lighting throughout your log home to counteract the darkness of the logs.


Lowes And Log Homes Go Hand In Hand

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Lowes offers great rustic and lodge theme lighting that is perfect for a log home!

Not all Lowes locations carry the same lighting though. The trick is either to go online or visit the particular Lowes location that is located in what I would call a “north country” area (lake areas, mountain communities, rural areas, etc.).  They know that people located in that area want lodge theme lighting.

Additionally, Lowes’ pricing was very reasonable.

I picked up the following items:


  • Moose light — we hung this to light up our stairwell. Cost: $54

  • Bedroom lights — I loved the rustic copper tone on these. Cost: 2 for $12!

  • Movable track lighting — We put these in the kitchen. I think this is an especially handy light to have so you can really show off your kitchen while also achieving appropriate lighting for cooking. Cost: $48


  • Wall sconce — for lighting up the hallway and creating that warm glow. Cost: $30



More Great Places For Log Home Decor

rustic-antler-chandelier-for-log-home-from-black-forest-decor.jpg Another place that is a favorite of mine to shop online is Black Forest Decor. Be sure to check back to their site frequently for sales, especially their clearance room section.  I picked up a small antler chandelier that was perfect for our humble sized dining room for only $294.

Two other great online shops to check are:

  • Cabin Place which not only has a clearance section, but often deals on shipping costs.
  • The Woolly Sheep which offers a price match guarantee.


rustic-table-lamp-from-advance-lighting.jpg Additionally, don’t underestimate your local lighting “boutiques.”  I purchased this wonderful rustic table lamp from Advance Lighting in Gaylord, Michigan. They were also willing to negotiate on price – something you can’t typically do at a major retailer.

Here’s the bottom line if you want to get a good deal on lighting:

  • Check a variety of sources – online, your local boutique stores, and even your major retailers.
  • Sign up for catalogs (such as Black Forest Decor) so you’ll be notified ahead of time about sales.
  • Remember that lighting doesn’t need to be that expensive – there are plenty of good deals to be had!