Our First Official Meeting With An Expert In The Field

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Exploring tracts of land in Williamson County, Tennessee. After learning that Smokey Joe’s Cabin had been sold, we decided to meet with the developer/log home builder guy (at his office) to try & get some ideas about pricing and the actual process for building our own log home.

He’s the expert… been doing it for 20-some years. Until now, we’d never even considered building a log home. So we definitely had a lot to learn.

He was a wealth of information for us!

Not only did he point us in the right direction by mentioning some of the things we should look for in land around here. But he also helped us fine-tune a few things we might want to include in our log home package — if/when we decide to build our own log home.

Plus, he told us about a few other properties he owns here in Williamson County — pieces of land. We’re going to visit some of them in the coming days & see what his lots are like.

Going over some of the tracts of land available in Williamson County, TN.

While we mostly wanted to get a handle on what it would cost & the steps involved with building a log home — in general — today, we ended up with a good deal of info, but no real hard figures.

One of the things that sticks in my mind from our conversation… Basically, he said, anything you can do in a “regular” home, you can also do when building a log home. There aren’t any restrictions to speak of. The major differences between log and stick are in the upkeep, the energy efficiency, the rustic/earthy appeal with nature, and the log look itself.