Bathroom Door Dilemmas… Pocket Doors To The Rescue!

The number and placement of bathroom doors is one thing that people tend to overlook — until it’s too late. I’ve learned a few things that might save you some headaches later on, if you’re able to address these things before you build.

New Toilet Guide: Today’s Choices In Modern Toilets

Aside from price and style, when you’re buying a new toilet, you also need to consider things like water conservation, function, size, shape, cleanliness, and maybe even color. Following is a guide that will help you determine which toilet is the best toilet for your home. Plus, discussion of some of the most modern features in today’s toilets.

The Latest Kitchen And Bathroom Trends

There is so much variety in the products available to us today, that it is difficult to stay abreast of all the latest changes in bathroom and kitchen design, as well as the trends that are shaping the future of kitchens and baths. Here, I’ve summarized a number of kitchen and bath trends that I’ve noticed while reading through home magazines, newspapers, and online reports in recent months.

Looking For Green Log Home Products & Building Supplies?

Here’s a great list of environmentally-friendly green log home products and suppliers. So, if you’re trying to make your currently log home more green or you’ll soon be building your very own green log home, here are some companies that will make your life easier!

FREE Home Design Tools To Help You Design & Decorate Any Room In Your House and other online programs like this make it easy to design and decorate all the rooms in your house! They’re great because they let you to see exactly how things will look inside the rooms of your house without having to just visualize it in your mind. Most of these tools also permit you to enter your exact room dimensions. Some even allow you to draw in objects of your own choosing. Here are some free online design tools to consider.