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Unique Peterboro Baskets For Toilet Paper & Kleenex Tissue Storage In The Bathroom

peterboro-basket-logo.jpeg I think it’s hard to find a “classy” way to store extra rolls of toilet paper in your bathroom — especially the guest bathroom or downstairs powder room, where you want to make a good impression to those who visit your home.

Currently, this is my favorite toilet paper holder for the bathroom, and I think it would look great in a log home. Baskets and logs kinda go hand-in-hand, right?

The bonus: You get a built-in tissue holder as well!

I saw this on QVC the other night.

Didn’t get one. But perhaps I should have, because they sold out in a matter of minutes.

The honey color sold out first, then the whitewashed one. (I’d like a couple of the honey colored ones.)


I really like Peterboro‘s version of the toilet paper holder because you can put 2 full-size rolls of toilet paper along with a full-size box of tissue (square box) in it. Or, you could store 1 full-size box of tissue in a rectangular box, along with 1 roll of toilet paper. You’ve gotta love the flexibility!


I Love Peterboro Baskets!


I have another practical-use Peterboro basket that I got on QVC years ago.

It’s called a mail and welcome basket.

This Peterboro basket is medium sized with a leather strap on top — so it hangs perfectly on a doorknob. It’s great for use as:

  • an “inbox” for incoming mail in your home
  • an “outbox” for outgoing mail
  • a place to stash your stuff when you come in the door
  • a place for dog supplies to take when going out & about

I’ve even used this basket as a beauty tools holder — for my hairdryer and curling iron!

A similar Peterboro basket that’s available on Amazon is this large bicycle basket. I can think of a number of scenarios when the 2 straps would be useful (like when hanging it from wire shelving).

The best thing about Peterboro baskets is the fact that they last for-ever!


Other Tissue & Toilet Paper Holders

If you’re looking for a sleek way to store a box of tissues and toilet paper (similar to the first Peterboro basket I mentioned above), you may like these:

1 – Creative Bath Toilet Topper For Toilet Paper & Tissue


There are several other matching items for the bathroom by Creative Bath. This bamboo spa tray is lower profile and could also be used as a sleek toilet paper holder.


#2 – Sea Grass Bath Tissue Holder



#3 – Basket Lady Toilet Tank Holder


The Basket Lady also has a similar version with a lid.


#4 – Creative Bath Bamboo Toilet Paper Holder


Wire Basket Toilet Paper Holders

My new favorite toilet paper holder for the top of the toilet tank is a simple rectangular wire basket!

I’m now using an oil rubbed bronze bread basket as a toilet paper holder! (You can see it in my bathroom here — and I’ve had a number of visitors comment how nice it looks.)

I got mine at Target. I bought 3… one for each bathroom in our house.

Here are some similar ones available online:

1) Home Basics oil rubbed bronze bread basket from Overstock:

2) Heart accent bronze wire basket:


3) Hammered bronze scroll bread basket:


4) Finally, I couldn’t resist posting this one… If you happen to have a beach-theme bathroom, this rope-handled fabric basket would be super fun: