Subdivision Pet Peeves Make ‘Living The Log Home Lifestyle’ Much More Attractive

by Lynnette


Here’s a growing list of the reasons that I look forward to moving out of a “traditional home” in a “traditional subdivision” and into a non-traditional home (a log home) in a non-traditional setting (on a lake).

See if you have the same subdivision pet peeves as I do…

Goodbye to this…

neighborhood-living.jpg life-in-the-country.jpg

…Hello to this!

In my mind, a log home lifestyle is one which tends to incorporate indoor/outdoor living and encapsulates a more adventurous (if not spontaneous) lifestyle.

Just the same, it seems that a log home lifestyle is often sought out by those whose children are grown (or who never had children) and those who work-at-home, rather than having to commute to some location day after day.lake-land-view-from-log-home.jpg

On the other hand, I tend to think of “traditional” homes in “traditional” subdivisions as catering more toward upwardly mobile individuals and growing families with children. Those who aren’t so focused on the details that make up a home per se, as they are in a home’s location and proximity to various amenities (including good schools).

log-home-view.jpg We are definitely eager to experience the slower-paced, laid-back lifestyle when we move into our new log home!

These are just a few of the reasons that I am looking forward to getting out of the subdivision lifestyle and into the log home lifestyle:

#1 Neighborhood streets are clogged with cars and kids. (Residents frequently park at the curb, rather than in their garages. And kids resort to playing in the streets, due to zero lot lines leaving them with little or no areas to play.)

#2 Trash pickup is a convenience that I’m sure to miss once we move to a remote lake area where we’ll have to dispose of our own garbage ourselves. But at least I won’t have to see this all the time.

#3 No one parks their car in the garage anymore! And… before you design the garage for your new log home, consider these interesting facts about garages! I know we took these things into consideration before designing ours