Yard Art… Porch Art… Who Needs It?

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of traditional yard art. Not in the least.

But the non-traditional, outside-the-box type… I kind of enjoy that. Especially if it makes you smile whenever you pass by it.

Case in point: This porch pig. (It’s located just down the street from where we live.)

golfer-pig.jpg graduation-pig.jpg easter-bunny-pig.jpg

While we probably won’t have a dressed up pig on the porch of our new log home, I kind of like the challenge of trying to find something similar — yet different — for our front porch.

The fact of the matter is that I think something like porch art can really be FUN… if you try hard enough, and if you find a classy representative to welcome house guests and passersby.


The strange coincidence to this story, is this…

On the day we purchased the land for our new log home (Swan Ridge on Dale Hollow Lake), we noticed there was a big ‘ol plump & friendly pig statue that graced the front yard of a house a few blocks before you get to the Swan Ridge development.

…It’s kinda funny how we can’t seem to escape the pig yard art!


pink-swan.jpg green-swan.jpgNow everyone knows that living in a place called “Swan Ridge”, we probably should display items like this on our porch.

But I can assure you… that won’t be happening! (Not that there’s anything wrong with pink flamingos & swans, or anything.) These were photographed inside the property’s leasing office.

Then again, maybe we should consider a garden gnome… NOT!

Listen to Bud Light’s Real American Heroes ”Mr. Garden Gnome Maker”:

UPDATE: I finally found the perfect piece of yard art for my home!