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FREE Home Design Tools To Help You Design & Decorate Any Room In Your House

I got an email from Jeroen Bekkers, the creator of today:

Hi there. We made an online tool to create and share interactive floorplans. It can be found at I thought you might like it as we see a lot of people creating cabin/log homes with it.”

So I spent the afternoon playing with this free online tool.


Check it out… Highlights:

  • It’s FREE.
  • You can save up to 5 layouts.
  • It’s easy to share your room designs with friends & family, or make your layouts viewable to the public.
  • On first glance, it was a little intimidating, with no real instructions. Just do what I did: jump in and start clicking & dragging and see what happens!

TIP: Don’t skip the “create” box that pops up on your screen. There are some helpful hints for using this program in there!

  • After you place any object in your room, you can click once to change the dimensions, colors, etc of that item.
  • For more helpful how-to’s and tips, check out their blog.

The verdict: I like it!!! is very flexible and allows you to change lots of minute details that other free programs don’t.

It’s a professional design tool that makes designing any room a cinch.


Other Online Room Planners

Looking for online tools similar to this one, but different? Programs like these definitely make it easy to design and decorate all the rooms in your house!

They’re great because they let you to see exactly how things will look inside the rooms of your house without having to just visualize it in your mind.

Like, most of these tools also permit you to enter your exact room dimensions. Some even allow you to draw in objects of your own choosing.

Roomtodo …from Roomtodo

Arrange A Room …from Better Homes & Garden

Planning Wiz …from A2Z Home Center

Room & Furniture Planner …from Ashley Furniture

Here’s one online planner that might be worth paying for: Icovia Space Planner. Take a test drive for free; then decide if it’s worth the $29/mo fee. You can cancel anytime, and get unlimited saves.


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