Pine Logs And Birch Hardwood Floors Have Light, Natural Stain… What Color Furniture & Accents?

by Lynnette

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We have a pine log home and the great room is the kitchen, dining room and living room. The floor is birch hardwood and both the logs and the flooring are a natural stain. I am in the process of purchasing a dining room suite and don’t know whether to go with a natural stain or to go with a darker (cocoa) stain. What would you recommend?” — Karen T.

See my answer below…

Karen. if I were you, I’d go for the darker (cocoa) stain on the dining room furniture.

I tend to think when everything is light-colored in a room, then nothing really stands out and the overall effect is just your basic “dull” room..

But if a few pieces of furniture, room trim, and/or other accents have a darker brown color in a primarily light-brown colored room, then those things will really “pop” and make a statement. Your room will immediately come alive.

That’s pretty much our plan with the interior of our pine log home. Lighter colored logs throughout, slightly darker trim throughout, and even darker wood accent pieces and furniture here & there.

Hope that helps.