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Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof Or Not?

So, do you really have to remove snow from the roof of your log home? Do some roofs fare better with the snow than others? For example: metal roofs vs shingle roofs. You may think those icicles hanging from your roof are pretty but they are actually a symptom of a potentially damaging problem for your home. As snow melts from you roof either by the sun or heat escaping from the home it tends to refreeze at the edges and other juncture points of your roof. The refreezing of water has a damming … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale In The U.S. (2 Are Log Homes For Sale!)

Check this out: 10 of the most expensive homes for sale in the U.S. -- according to Zillow. Two of them are log homes with strikingly different characteristics and a 53,000-square-foot difference between them!   Jackson Hole, Wyoming Log Home For Sale: 4 bedrooms 4.5 bathrooms 2,400 square feet 3,016 acres $69,500,000 View all photos of this Wyoming log home for sale.   Pagosa Springs, Colorado Log Home For Sale: 27 bedrooms 31 bathrooms … [Read more...]

Share Your Own Log Home Stories Here…


Are you in the process of building a log home? Or maybe you already built or moved into a log cabin home and now you're interested in sharing unique and interesting stories about your log home experiences...   Good News!... We would like to add another writer to the team here at The Fun Times Guide to Log Homes.   Fun Times!... The goal is to share helpful information -- in words and pictures -- with others who may be thinking of building (or moving into) a log home … [Read more...]

Log Cabins On U.S. Pennies And Stamps

I found this interesting... Despite the fact that the Log Cabin Society of Michigan has been trying (for the past 10 years!) to get a log cabin featured on a U.S. postage stamp -- to no avail -- the U.S. Mint has decided to put a log cabin on the U.S. penny! … [Read more...]

Abraham Lincoln’s Log Cabin And Farm Land For Sale

Abraham Lincoln's farm land is up for sale to raise money for a new log cabin and visitor's center. Small parcels of the 4-acre tract will be sold to the general public. We're talking really small... something like 1-inch square pieces. These are souvenir land deeds only. While they are not sure exactly how many parcels of land will eventually be sold, there are more than 6 million square inches in an acre -- in case you were wondering. It will include a deed that can be recorded with the … [Read more...]

Who’s Nashville Log Home Is That On CMT’s ‘Gone Country’?

If you caught the first episode of Gone Country last night (it's a new reality TV series on CMT that follows 7 celebrities as they try to make their break in the Country music industry), then you may be wondering whose log home that is and where it's located. It's definitely a looker... Jim and I were at the final taping of Gone Country back in October, and we've wondered ever since which house the celebs stayed in while the filming was taking place in Nashville. But it wasn't until we saw … [Read more...]