Designing / Building A Log Home

Bathroom Door Dilemmas… Pocket Doors To The Rescue!

The number and placement of bathroom doors is one thing that people tend to overlook — until it’s too late. I’ve learned a few things that might save you some headaches later on, if you’re able to address these things before you build.

How To Choose The Right Doors For Your Home

A collection of facts about doors that will come in handy when choosing the placement of your interior and exterior doors, plus tips that should help when deciding which type of doors to buy.

Log Home Financing (Or Lack Thereof) Halts Our Log Home Construction Plans

We qualify for the loans, but there just aren’t enough log homes that have been sold recently around here for the banks to use as ‘comps’ in order to determine a fair appraisal value for our proposed log home. They’re coming in way lower than we can build this log home for. And the banks won’t budge.

Reasons This Old House Is The Best Magazine For Log Home Owners

It’s hard for me NOT to re-subscribe to the 3 log home magazines I’ve been subscribing to. I mean, we got so much great info from them during that first year of the subscription. But now, we’re craving more than these magazines seem willing to provide. If you’re contemplating resubscribing to a log home magazine, I’m here to tell you, you may want to check out This Old House magazine instead. Especially if you’re already living in your log home… chances are, the log home magazines won’t have much to offer you at all.

Log Home Landscape Ideas: Quick Tips Before You Start Landscaping!

Take it from us… prior to building a log home, it would be wise to have your contractor survey your lot ahead of time and remove any trees that could compromise your log home site. Several trees fell a little too close to our log home, and we were inches away from serious log home damage.

Log Home Staining Issues & Tips For Ongoing Log Home Maintenance

How often you need to stain your log home will depend on the color of stain you choose and how well you did the log staining prep work mentioned here. Lighter stains will need to be reapplied every 2-3 years. Darker stains can last 4-5 years. Here are more log home maintenance tips and things to watch for.

Before You Stain Your Log Home’s Exterior: 4 Important Steps

Your log home is built, the weather is right, and now it’s time for the exterior of your log home to be stained. For the record, they say that the best time to stain a log home is when the logs have a moisture content less than 19%. Here are the 4 necessary steps prior to staining a log home.