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If money were no object, which posh amenities would be on your wish list? Here are the things that Jim & I have talked about including in our dream home...

Log home financing doesn't come easy these days! photo by lumaxart on Flickr

I told myself that I wasn't going to be negative -- especially about any one company -- when it came to talking about all the hoops we've had to jump through in order to get our log home financed. But let me just say this: We've had a change of heart about a couple of banks recently. Some of the details are mentioned here.

There are a number of factors which can ultimately increase (or decrease) the costs associated with building your new home. Some things to keep in mind...

Building and living in a one-room log cabin can offer you many benefits that would make log home living exciting, adventurous, and fun.

With so many changes, updates, and new innovations available to those who are building or living in log homes these days, it's important -- and fun! -- to know what the current log home trends are. Jim Young keeps you up to date on all the latest news and current building trends in the log home industry.

Should you stain the logs or finish the wood for your log home before the home is completed or after? See the advantages to both methods.

The Green Log Awards recognize the best green products which help make people comfortable and safe in their homes and at work without damaging the planet.

Did you know you can build a log home for less than $11,000? One man built the log home of his dreams for under $11,000! You can build a cheap log home, too. Here's how.


Log home lending is different for some banks than taking out a mortgage for a tract house or other conventional housing structure. Knowing what avenues to take when seeking log home financing will make your goals of obtaining a mortgage for your log home an easier, happier journey.