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Our First Official Meeting With An Expert In The Field

After he told us that Smokey Joe's Cabin was sold, we decided to meet with the developer/log home builder guy to try & get some ideas about pricing and the actual process for building our own log home. He's the expert... been doing it for 20-some years. Until now, we'd never even considered building a log home.

We Met A V.I.P.!

Small world... We met a key player in this process of buying (or even building!) a log home here in Williamson County, Tennessee!

A Couple of Land Rovers

For over a week now, I've rushed home from work most days so that Jim & I could go riding around looking for land here in Williamson County before it gets dark. Yep, we've spent most of our evenings...

Our Search For A Place To Call Home

Today we decided to start the process of looking for a new place to call home. I'm not sure how it happened, but when we were out riding around in the Jeep today, we just got this wild idea to start looking for land for sale here in Williamson County.