Our Search For A Place To Call Home

by Lynnette

deciding where to build, Tennessee land

Property shopping from the front seat of our Jeep! Today we decided to start the process of looking for a new place to call home.

I’m not sure how it happened, but when we were out riding around in the Jeep today, we just got this wild idea to start looking for land for sale here in Williamson County.

It was a beautiful day. The skies were blue. And Spring was in the air. The perfect time to start exploring… right?!

There is no rhyme or reason to our timing.

We know that we could be perfectly happy right where we are for another year or two. But we also know in our hearts that we are eager to – eventually – have a bit more land, a little more privacy, and a more “natural” setting than the subdivision we are currently living in.

We’ve decided to just play it pretty low-key. Whatever comes our way, we’ll look at. Whatever we pass while out driving around (which we do a LOT), we’ll stop & look at. Our aim is simply to hone in on exactly where (in Williamson County, Tennessee) we want to live.

This is fun for us. Our spare-time hobby is driving around with camera in hand — seeing what we see and going wherever the road takes us.

The best part: There is absolutely no pressure at this point!

property-with-a-creek.jpg land-for-sale-williamson-county.jpg

What We’re Looking For…

We really like where we live now. But, if given the choice, there are a few things we’d change if we could.

Here’s what we are currently hoping for:

A little less urban… a little more wooded… rolling hills… yard for the dogs to enjoy… a trickling creek on or near the property… and a decent-sized town nearby (for all the necessities: groceries & restaurants).

The best part about the Williamson County properties that we’ve seen lately: They’re mostly in Leiper’s Fork — a quiet, very trendy (and very expensive) part of Williamson County. “The Fork” is also a very musically-inclined part of town. Aside from the popular songwriter pub that’s located right in the center of downtown Leipers Fork, a good number of musicians and songwriters happen to live in this part of Williamson County.