A Couple of Land Rovers

by Lynnette

deciding where to build, Tennessee land

Lynnette's self-portrait while Jeepin and looking into a handheld 'blind spot' mirror. For over a week now, I’ve rushed home from work most days so that Jim & I could go riding around looking for land here in Williamson County before it gets dark.

Yep, we’ve spent most of our evenings & weekends just driving around.

Most of the pieces of property that we’ve called about have been priced way out of our league. That’s frustrating. But it’s nice to know what we’re up against.

What we’re discovering:

Land in Williamson County that’s for sale is very difficult to find!

Land that we find in Williamson County that’s for sale is very expensive!

Fortunately, this is still fun for us — we love riding around & exploring new places.

Plus, it’s kind of like finding a diamond in the rough. We like the challenge of not knowing what we’ll find or where we’ll find it.

So we continue to keep exploring… like a couple of land rovers (only we do it in a Jeep!)