We Met A V.I.P.!

by Lynnette

deciding where to build, Tennessee land

Small world…

We met a key player in this process of buying (or even building!) a log home here in Williamson County, Tennessee!

When we were out looking at Smokey Joe’s Cabin yesterday, this guy was pulling out of his driveway at the same time that we motoring on down the road toward the cabin.

I’m sure he was interested in knowing who we were — we’ve driven past his home about a half-dozen times at this point. And we were interested in knowing who lived in that particular log home, as well. (We’ had been admiring his beautiful log home from the road each time we drove past en route to Smokey Joe’s Cabin.)

So we stopped to talk to him.

He lives pretty much right across the street from Smokey Joe’s Cabin, and we were very eager to meet our soon-to-be neighbor (if all goes as planned, that is).

Oddly enough, he’s the guy who actually cleared the land, divided up the lots & sold them, and built all 4 of the log homes on this 2-mile private road in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee!

How cool is that?!