Exploring Smokey Joe’s Cabin…

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We’ve been doing a bunch of research and making a boatload of visits to the cute little cabin in the woods that we’re now calling “Smokey Joe’s Cabin”.


We’re calling it Smokey Joe’s Cabin because this log home is currently owned by a New Orleans restaurant owner, and the name of that restaurant is Smokey Joe’s Bar-B-Que. (It’s actually in Lake Charles, LA).

What We’ve Learned So Far:

  • We’ve thoroughly researched the neighbors (here).

  • We’ve driven out there several days in a row.

  • We’ve sprayed ourselves with Deep Woods OFF & tromped through the woods, exploring every corner of the land that went with this house.

  • We’ve walked through the creeks — and checked out the tiny trickling waterfalls.

  • We’ve sat on the covered porch & enjoyed the view.

  • We’ve even planned some enhancements — like where we’d build out the master bedroom to make it larger… and how we’d change the master bath & closet.

    So, we are now starting to like the idea of making Smokey Joe’s Cabin our own. And we can definitely visualize how this place could be uniquely ours!

    UPDATE: We later found it really odd that this little cabin …in the woods …on a private road …in Leiper’s Fork/Franklin, TN …actually had high-speed Internet available! We know this for a fact, because the neighbors were using it. Yet, at the same time, “nicer” areas of Leiper’s Fork and other parts which are much more populated out in these parts have NO high-speed Internet available. What’s with that???

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