Decisions, Decisions…

by Lynnette

buying a pre-owned log home

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I feel a little weird saying this, because we never thought we’d buy a pre-owned home.


I think we’re going to pursue the first log home we saw.

Our thinking at this point:

Maybe it’s not our “dream home”, but it’s just so cute. And it could be FUN!

It’s in Leiper’s Fork. That’s definitely in an area of Williamson County that we’d like to live in. And it’s being offered at a reasonable price.

So the plan is to explore all of our options with regard to this place.

We are kind of looking at it more as an investment… it’ll be fun to live in for a couple years while we’re building our “real” dream home nearby. (Hopefully, still in Williamson County, if not Leiper’s Fork where this cabin is.)