Summary: 2 Log Homes For Sale

by Lynnette

buying a pre-owned log home

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After meeting with Realtors for the first time, and visiting our first two homes for sale, we’ve come to the following conclusions:

1. The tiny log home is adorable and cute, but it’s just too small and would require a fair amount of “upgrades” if we were to be happy there long-term. As is, it seems more like a fun rental cabin in the woods than an actual residence to us.

2. The huge log home has a ton of personality and character, and a very rich history which would be fun to hold onto, but we’d get lost in the many rooms inside that place — we’d never find each other! Plus, it needs a new roof, and some windows, and looks like it might have some wiring issues. We’re afraid there might be a whole host of other things that could go wrong with this particular home. And we certainly don’t want to buy into someone else’s problems.


However… we are completely impressed with the concept of living in a log home though.

I just think it’s funny that the first two homes we looked at just so happened to both be log homes!

Anyway, that’s definitely an avenue we’re interested in pursuing.

I guess we’ve just never thought about log homes as an option up until this point.

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