Where To Build

Which Lake Should We Build Our House On?

We’ve decided to open up our search to include West Tennessee and East Tennessee — in addition to right here in Middle Tennessee. Actually, we’re looking wherever the biggest, nicest lakes are. Here are all the lakes in Tennessee that we are exploring…

Reasons To Build In Tennessee

Here’s a list of the biggest reasons to live in Tennessee, and therefore the reasons we want to look for a place to build in either East Tennessee, West Tennessee, or right here in Middle Tennessee.

Friends Give Us A Big Nudge

Jim & I thought of a whole new angle to our search for a place to build our dream home… We’ve only considered the possibility of having creeks around our house up to this point. But what about considering LAKES?!

Calling All Landowners

To help speed up the process, I’m spending some time going through the Williamson County Property Appraiser’s website looking for vacant property in our favorite areas. You know, land that may have been passed down through the family, or that someone bought as an investment. For whatever reason, they have not built a home on that particular piece of land yet. The plan is to call each of these homeowner and see if they’d be willing to sell that land to us.

Could It Be… Yet Another Forested Piece of Paradise?

The one we like is on Oscar Green Road (technically in Primm Springs, TN… a very tiny community right next to Franklin & Leiper’s Fork). The builder/developer met us there so he could show us the boundaries of the property. Good thing he did — we’d never have made sense of those woods on our own. Anyway… It was SO nice!

Exploring More Land

After the bad news, we stayed and talked to the guy about a few other pieces of land that he knew were for sale. A couple of them are in some fairly remote parts of Leiper’s Fork. We drove our Jeep to one of them today… pretty cool

We’re Moving On…

Oh, the emotions — the ups & downs, the highs and the lows of looking for property are beginning to take their toll on me. It’s like a roller coaster ride & I want off!

Driving Around …and Around

We spent the day looking at a few more properties we’ve passed while driving around Williamson County. But now… nothing compares to the 5 acres next to Smokey Joe’s Cabin!