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Calling All Landowners

Well, we’ve pretty much been plugging away at this for a couple months now… driving to our favorite parts of town and looking for land for sale, and even considering existing homes for sale.

Frankly, it’s become more frustrating than it’s worth. We just can’t find anything.

So now we’re taking a different strategy…

A New Strategy

For now, we’ve decided to just concentrate our efforts on the 2 or 3 specific areas that we know we’d be happy to live… and just WAIT for something to become available there.

If it does, it does.

If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to me.

But to help speed up the process, I’m going to be spending a good deal of time going through the Property Appraiser’s website for Williamson County.

The plan is to find vacant property in our favorite areas. At this point, we’re looking at vacant land that is directly adjacent to an existing home — where mostly likely the land beside it is also owned by the same homeowner. In these cases, there is typically no “For Sale” sign on the property, so you have to dig to find out the owner’s name and contact info on your own.

This is often land that has been passed down through the family, or that someone bought as an investment. For whatever reason, they have simply not built a home on that particular piece of land yet.

We intend to eventually call each of these homeowner and see if they’d be willing to sell that land to us.

We’ll see how this goes…