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Friends Give Us A Big Nudge

Friends helping friends find new homes. Last night we hung out with a couple from San Diego. They’re here visiting the Nashville area with the intention of scouting out possible places to live. They’ve seriously considering moving from California to Tennessee — a longtime dream of theirs.

Turns out, they found some helpful information about the area from our Franklin website, and we’ve been corresponding via e-mail for a few weeks now.

When they arrived here in Nashville, we met them at their hotel & drove them downtown. We all spent the evening roaming around Nashville.

How does this relate to our search for land???

Well, in talking with them, Jim & I thought of a whole new angle to our search for a place to build our dream home…

You see, Beth & Bruce are only looking for places on the water around Nashville. They are avid boaters (and Jeepers!… and dog owners!), so they are primarily interested in lake homes in & around Nashville.

Which got us to thinking…
We’ve only considered the possibility of having creeks around our house up to this point. But what about considering LAKES?!

We could be avid boaters. We love the water! And lake living seems right up our alley.

What were we thinking?…

How had we not considered building our log home on a lake?!?!