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Reasons To Build In Tennessee

So now, we are entering what I’m calling Phase 2 of our search for a place to build our dream home.

We’ve pretty much exhausted all the possibilities as far as land for sale around Williamson County goes.

Now we’re branching out into all new territory — any lake in Tennessee.

The one and only thing we know for sure at this point:

We want to stay in Tennessee!


I almost had Jim convinced that we should check out Florida again.

We’ve both spent a good deal of our adult years living in various parts of Florida, and I’ve always wanted to move back.

When I showed him we could get a house in Key West for the same price we’re hoping to build one for, he was intrigued. But then we considered these factors: zero-lot lines, trailer park looking dwellings, practically no yard for the dog, and hurricanes — which caused us to quickly change our mind.


Tennessee Will Always Be Our Home

The biggest reasons for wanting to stay in Tennessee: